Smart Tools for Real Estate Investors and REITs

Real estate investors and REITs buy, sell, and manage portfolios of valuable properties. So when it comes to streamlining their various workflows, they need top of the line tools that can save them time, money and effort. Peak Commercial understands that you need every advantage possible in the real estate sector — like the following apps. Each of these tools for real estate investors and REITs can help you get a heads up in your work.

Researching Properties

Xome is a great app for real estate investors who also want access to auctions nationwide. Some of the listings are from the MLS — however, others are exclusive to the app. Thanks to its clear listings and quick registering system, using the tool is also super-easy and ideal for busy professionals who are always on the go.

LoopNet is a brilliant source of commercial office spaces and multi-unit properties. It provides comprehensive listing information, in addition to helpful blog posts and articles featuring specific properties.

Zillow isn’t just a good source of information for private homebuyers — it’s also large repository of homes for sale that is great for professional real estate investors. With advanced search options and priced listings on maps, it also provides clear and current overviews of local property markets. 


Bigger Pockets offers a series of rental calculators and flipping calculators — all easily accessed online.

Bankrate provides an online amortization schedule calculator that’s easy to use — and free. 

Escrow Process

Blueprint Title offers a digital platform that facilitates a faster, more streamlined and more affordable closing process specifically designed for professional real estate investors. The dashboard provides an overview of closed and pending transactions, along with the details of each. Documents are delivered to each party in real time. The app isn’t yet available in California, but investors who are interested can reach out to them.

Business Software

G Suite is Google’s integrated suite of collaboration and productivity apps. It includes Gmail, Drive, Docs, Sheets and much more — essentially, everything investment teams need to work on the go, regardless of where they are. 

QuickBooks is Intuit’s popular accounting software that helps investors do everything from track income and expenses to manage bills and generate reports. It’s also available in several plans ranging from self-employed to advanced. 

Property Management Software

Buildium is an easy-to-use, scalable property management app that also provides all of the features needed to manage one or more properties. It has accounting tools and business operations tools, such as a resident portal and property owner portal. It also offers all of the features needed for leasing.

Cozy is a free property management tool that also allows investors to manage online listings, process applications, collect rent, and organize their documentation.

Tenant Screening

TransUnion offers a free online tenant screening tool that provides a credit check, eviction report, criminal background check, and also income insights. 

RentMarketplace includes tools not only for rental applications, credit and background checks, but also lease document creation and rent payment processing. It also offers an option that allows investors to communicate to renters that they report payments to TransUnion, which in turn attracts tenants who habitually pay on time.

Invest In Your Success

At Peak Commercial, we believe in using every tool at your disposal. Of course, there are many more useful apps out there — plus, there are more coming out every day. That’s why it’s advisable to take the time to review the ones that interest you the most, then select those that work best for your organization. When you familiarize yourself with tools for real estate investors and REITs, your time will be well worth it.


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