What is the Best Commercial Real Estate Investment Option for 2024?

The commercial real estate market took a beating in 2023. High interest rates and a credit crunch made it difficult if not impossible for commercial real estate investors to obtain financing. Now, however, there is cause for optimism. FED chair Jerome Powell recently announced that interest rates have peaked and will start decreasing in the

How the FED’s Rate Cut Signals Will Affect the Commercial Real Estate Market 

The unprecedented rate hikes of the last two years have left the commercial real estate market reeling. Investment declined a whopping 42% from 2022 to 2023 alone. Property values fell 11% over the last year, wiping out almost $600 in CRE equity. Thus, it’s not surprising that many greeted the FED’s announcement of rate cuts

Is the Commercial Real Estate Lending Market Finally Stabilizing?

Rising interest rates and the collapse of Silicon Valley banks and other financial institutions led many banks to tighten loan standards. The resulting credit crunch hit the commercial real estate market hard, as is evidenced by the fact that Q3 2023 commercial loan closings in the United States are down a whopping 48% from Q3

Are There Good Investment Opportunities for Commercial Real Estate Investors in 2023?

In May 2023, commercial real estate prices fell for the first time in twelve years. What’s more, Moody Analytics’ chief economist Mark Zandi is predicting that, by the time mid-2020s, prices will plunge 10% lower than their peak in the mid-2010s. This isn’t welcome news to most commercial real estate investors. However, some experts note