Major Bank of America Office Building in Simi Valley, California Listed for Sale

Major Bank of America Office Building in Simi Valley, California Listed for Sale

AS SEEN IN AP NEWS (Click here to view on The Anvers Capital Partners team at Peak Commercial, is pleased to announce the listing of a prominent Bank of America office building located at 450 American Street in Simi Valley, California. The property presents a remarkable investment opportunity in a highly sought-after area of

The Future of Brick and Mortar Exploring Innovative Directions for Retail Stores

The Future of Brick and Mortar: Exploring Innovative Directions for Retail Stores

Brick and mortar stores are here to stay, and they’re getting better than ever. As the retail industry evolves, retailers are finding new and innovative ways to stay relevant and thrive in today’s landscape. Let’s explore some of the exciting trends that are shaping the future of brick and mortar stores. Hybrid Retail Models Who

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What Are Small Business Owners Looking for in Commercial Rental Properties?

While commercial real estate markets are facing unprecedented challenges, demand for retail space isn’t abating. Sellers in multiple industries are seeking space as they prepare for the economy to stabilize and for spending to pick up in the next few years. Demand for office space is down overall, but developers with high-quality office space in

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New “Mansion Tax” Effective April 2023

Measure ULA, commonly known as the “Mansion Tax,” would impose a new “Homelessness and Housing Solutions Tax” on transfers of residential and commercial real property in Los Angeles valued in excess of $5 million. The new law is slated to come into effect on April 1, 2023. What does this mean for you? A tax of 4

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How to Turn a Profit on Struggling Retail Real Estate  

It’s no secret that retail real estate took a hit during the COVID-19 lockdowns. Businesses shut down or went fully online, leaving many retail real estate investors with losses and no easy way to find new tenants. However, not all is gloom and doom for the retail real estate industry.

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Retail Property Sector Set to Rise in Value in 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic and ensuring lockdowns resulted in a whopping 15,500 stores closing in 2020 alone, and many predicted that brick and mortar businesses, in general, would not recover from the loss. Indeed, many stores have shut down for good, never to return. At the same time, as other experts note, the massive closures have actually helped the market bounce back faster than it may have otherwise. However, it looks like the r